About us
The outdoor activities, car renting and any other activities always have some danger. Each attendee should have a clear knowledge of your capability, make good use of your equipment, and get familiar with the surroundings. It is important to know your limits. Try not to do a certain activity if you have doubts on being able to do it. Our house only helps our guests to be familiar with certain activities. We do not take any responsibility for injury or death during any of these activities. The attendees must take charge of all risks and responsibilities on your own and do not have right to ask for the compensation and recovery of any injury, death, and property loss.
Leave nothing but troubles;
Greedy on nothing but pure air;
Take nothing but good memories;
Environment protection

When coming to the beautiful, wonderful scenic area, please remember that we need to keep this environment the way it should be. Throwing trash on the trails, like leaving plastic water bottles in the steam, or throwing bags or trash from lunch is just hurting the environment. We want to preserve the beauty of this area so everyone can enjoy it just as much as you did.

Low carbon life
What we’re seeking for is life of original simplicity. The original rammed earth buildings, log fireplace, pure spring, and that shows low-carbon and high-quality life taste everywhere.Although we installed air-conditioners as required by partial guests, please enjoy the life closer to the nature when mountain wind and ceiling fan can meet your needs.
Ecological protection

The mountain and this land is the best gift from the god. Grass, trees, insects, and birds are all wonders of the mountain. Please be kind to the mountain and let it continue with its natural beauty.

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