Jiumu Village  
  Our Neighbor—Jiumu Village

Jiumu Village is situated in Shanchuan territory, Anji County, which is regarded as the first ecological county in China. Nestled at the foot of Tianmu Mountain, Jiumu Village is an administrative village with the highest altitude in the North-Zhejiang regions. 75 Kilometers away from Hangzhou there are 112 households total in the village, with a population of 420..


The scenery of Jiumu Village in the four seasons is quite distinguished from other places. In spring, gorgeous flowers blossom; in summer, orioles hopping about, birds competing in singing; in autumn, maples and pines rustling, maples leaves turning flame red; in winter, unyielding branches winding through lofty and steep mountains. Clear brooks gurgle year in year out through the mountains and plains.


Other than the beautiful legend about the fairy stone, Jiumu Village has the best outdoor exploration base, among the whole North-Zhejiang area. The valley extends more than ten miles covered with luxuriant vegetation, high mountains and long brooks, the largest drop reaching a kilometer. Climb up along the streams, steep cliffs on both sides, giant stones of different shapes and all sorts of vegetation along your way up are within reach. The endless vale leads to unknown mystery, bringing great fun for those explorers.


Jiumu Village is far away from pollution, having pleasant climate and rich soil. It’s prolific in the production of various farm and sideline products with good quality, especially famous for its bamboo shoot, tea and mountain vegetables.


Jiumu Sweet Tea: It is said that Jiumu sweet tea, a very precious kind of tea, is treated as the article of tribute in Ming and Qing dynasty. It shapes like an orchid after infusing, having lasting fragrance, delicious taste, refreshing mellow taste, and sweet aftertaste. Jiumu sweet tea has won honors in national rating for well-known teas for many times since 1989.


Jiumu Shi Dried Bamboo Shoot: Jiumu Shi dried bamboo shoot is pure natural food with high fiber. It’s made of fresh quality mountain Shi bamboo shoot, made with extra care in strict accordance with secret traditional recipe. It’s rich in several amino acids and trace elements that are necessary for human body, conducive to digestion and good appetite.


Jiumu Mountain Vegetable: high altitude, big temperature difference between day and night, abundant rain and sunshine, natural environment without fertilizers and insecticides, and far away from pollution, all of which form an exclusive taste for the mountain vegetables planted in Jiumu, well-received among urban citizens.


Jiumu, a leisure resort located in high mountain;

Jiumu, a land of idyllic beauty in a sea of  bamboo;

The No.1 Mountain Village in North-Zhejiang—Jiumu Village, Welcome!

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