Lotus Valley  
  15mins from our resort
Lotus valley, located in Shanchuang township, is 18km south of Anji County, 230km from Shanghai, 260km from Nanjing, 50km from Hangzhou,50km  from Huzhou and also close to Yuhang, Linan scenic area.

Lotus valley has an abundance of religious culture, waterfalls, rocks, plants and wildlife. Main peak Luojia mountain (guan Yin) is 1169.6 meters above sea level.


The Longtan wanterfall, Baota mountain, and Tianshui is the most famous scenic area in this area. ShiFo temple was built in the Tang dynasty,more than 1100 years ago. June 19th is Avalokitesvara's birthday, so this day will always rain in the valley.

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Lotus Valley
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