Jiangnan Tianchi  
   1 hour ride from us

Jiangnan Tianchi is situated in Tianhuangping, the altitude of which amounts to nearly a kilometer, in the territory of Anji County, a county standing at the foot of Tianmu Mountain. Surrounded by green bamboo, mountains, and relying on pumped-storage power station, which is regarded the first in Asia and the second in the world, it has become a nice scenery landscape of Anji ecotourism, a combination of splendid architecture of the power station and lovely natural scenery. While ascending by car, you will go through a winding road 18km long which is well-known for its gorgeous scenes on the mountains, and terrible road conditions. Ten miles of beauty can be viewed along this ten mile mountain road. Every season with its unique charm. It was given the name Full of Affection, Qiuming Mountain in China, by those who are fans of cycling.


Streams and waterfalls come into sight from now and then among the boundless sea of bamboo. Climb to the summit of Getian Mountain, pressed with blue sky and clouds, enjoy the vast horizon, the splendid scenery of Tianchi, and bath in the natural streams of the mountain…The views are wonderful with each season. In spring, flowers on the mountain blossom, and clouds and fog curl upward. In summer, the cool breeze brush into your arms and the moon looks like a jade circle. In autumn, dappled leaves fall from the trees as the air cools down. In winter, the earth is covered with silver garment, snow is clear and ice resembles crystal. The views, day and night are both amazing. In the daytime, the soft breeze brushes your face, with the wonderful aroma of the unpolluted environment. The night is bathed in moonlight, involved with a sea of bamboo. Each kind of sport is unfolding in this gorgeous scenic spot. Go water skiing in the vast manmade reservoir in summer, and go skiing in the snow-covered mountains in winter. The beautiful scenes throughout the year in Plum Garden, Lake Crescent, and Cherry Orchard complement with the vast Tianchi in a harmonious manner. Enjoying flowers and moonlight is what tourists like to do. It’ll be better if it rains a little; in that case, dim fog curls about in the bamboo forest, ethereal air rises high into the sky; mist wreathe around, and the smell in the rain display their exclusive beauty, quite a magnet for visitors.

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Jiangnan Tianchi
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